Thursday, April 5, 2012

Time keje dulu

time gila2


lulu n friends... lots a fun...beautiful girl, beautiful makeup, beautiful pics!!!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Uda dan Dara

been to istana budaya a while ago to do make up for uda dan dara theater...its been really fun meeting new people..and some old friends too...its such an unforgettable moments and i really had a blast..its a 12 days show if im not mistaken and i enjoyed every last bit of it...thanks to kak estee the head makeup and zurine the ih house makeup artist for having me there..below are some pictures taken during my days spent in istana budaya.

Sunday, June 27, 2010


Once upon a time, an average sized girl who is my best friend pop out of the dresser in a shopping mall trying on a white dress asking, “Do I look fat?”
How does one defines fat? . Though the insecurites associated to weight problems are diverse beyond description – this insecurities knows no bounds of culture, color, walks of life (although theres some cultures in some other part of the world thinks fat is beautiful_lets look it from a smaller scale for now) – there is a stereotypical set of thinking that the world often uses to define a beautiful body. And for better or worse, that look consists of small waist, small thighs or long legs , not to mention the  roundness of you know what..
For me, the real question is: What’s so wrong with looking fat? If looking fat is so bad, it must be because we secretly believe that being fat is bad? Is this belief really an expression of our own self loathing? some don’t worry that smoking might make them look like a whore, or putting on so much make up makes them look like  cheap sluts. Why, then, worry that our weight isnt right according to our BMI reading?
Though we say that we should embrace our body,love our curves , it’s no secret that a number of self-centered people still  discriminate us and believe that we need to shed the weight off. Though we may not share their convictions, we do see and interact with these people in our everyday life – and not doubt, the fatest among us are the recipients of dirty looks and unwanted comments. It takes broad shoulders and some deep self-love to be able to shrug off that type of undesired attention.
And so sometimes it’s easier to trade in the white dress  for a black one. It’s easier to go under the radar than above it.
Do you look fat? In my humble opinion, you should be so lucky to be blessed with a body that serves your needs and you shouldnt worry what people think about you because somehow, theres always someone (if not everyone) is made to love you for what you really are.and for the haters, you can tell them KISS MY FAT A**


Thursday, June 24, 2010

Pretty Ugly

Beauty..some says its in the eyes of the beholder..some says its from within..some says its forever,some says its temporary..which one would you stand by?you can choose one or two of those famous quotes and key it in your mind and say it every break of dawn hoping that it would get you through the day feeling beautiful and confindent , but to me, beauty is expensive.

Standing in front a makeup store for me is like eating haagen dazs's ice irritatingly beautiful,almost heaven to your senses yet thinking about the calories behind those intoxicating flavour makes you visualise yourself as an ugly fat ogre and how much cash ure spending for a pint of ice cream..God how i crave to buy those colourful eyeshadows although i can buy half price with double the size in a drugstore.its really hard to make choices if ure in my shoes. If i enter a mac store i would think over and over again wether should i buy the stuffs i wanted so much for months or not..i end up walking out heading to few drugstores to make comparisons.after doing some calculating, i would go back to the mac store putting on a thick face( cause the salesperson is looking so irritated at me) and buy the same stuff that i could just have bought at the first time..after doing all that,ill be relieved knowing that i spent good money and had a good bargain..

Remembering my mom,the most beautiful person to me inside and mother now would not leave the house without her unretouched gray hair and make up. At 48 i think my mom is a beautiful woman for her age, loving every minute of being a woman and always put a smile on her face eventhough inside she is battling with her own dilemma. So much the opposite in my childhood days where money is an issue,my mom would sacrifice on buying new clothes,makeup, jewelleries which is to me a women must haves just to strive to put food on the her troubled times my mom always managed to pick up herself, dab some powder and put on her lipstick and that is i guess a little heaven for her..every now and then i love giving cosmetics,jewellery,clothes and shoes to my mom cause i do believe that my mom somehow finds strength in beauty.but truly from the bottom of my heart my mom’s true beauty is her strength, her determination, her love for us and her neverending prayers for our happiness which are so rare and to me is priceless.

Theres also those people i know who are unbelievably beautiful who doesnt give a damn of how much they pay for treatments, injections, surgeries,pills serums and creams only they know how expensive that is..and these product are specially designed to be used continouosly or you will lose it. And i dont know why some of these people love to compete each other on who is better looking or who has the best modification..with those come jealousy, hatred and the dirt in their heart, you cant sweep away with your 200 dollar brush, the dark spots even darker than CARBON, and u couldnt even light them with ALL THAT GLITTERS and AMBERLIGHTS in the world.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


living in kl the great city sometimes makes me this my place?can i survive?looking at every person i met everyday, hearing stories from friends,how can they make so much money? Is it pure luck?or theyre just really good at what theyre doing?or is it publicity?or is it their looks that really lit their way?

Well, theres a lot of question mark about how people make money but the real question is i guess how much can u make out of doing something you really love doing?

I myself have a deep passion for makeup. I refused every single job offers before because i think at last i found my purpose and this is what i want to do in this life.funny that some people think its silly because thats the most sane thing that ive done so far(at least i think so) giving up something you should be doing for something that you have passion doing is a really hard decision and i must say it’s taking a big toll on me at present time.

Apart from having people not trusting that will make it someday, i think a lot of bad mouth are bitching something about me,my loved ones and not less of those comparing my achievements with theirs.

But im very much thankful to be surrounded with such caring, wonderful and understanding or should i say god sent people although theres very few of them.those are the only ones that trust in what i do, believe that ill be somebody (i am somebody to them) someday and always lift me up when im down.

Back to make is everything..i think about makeup at least 20 hours a day. I even dream about make up. I guess that makes more than 20.whatever.. i wish i would own the whole items they have in a makeup store.i wish to paint all the faces in the world. Every now and then, when i see people tend to criticize,adore,wishing i can do their make up,suggesting what they should do to thier hair,how should they put their make up on,what suits them best,what they should get rid mom should know..she was my lab rat..but of course i do it in silence.let me know if you know some one who really do that out loud...that person must be one hell of a bitch..dont get me wrong, i love bitches!!

But when you come to think of it, that is what fashion is all about..its individuality and u cannot take that away from a person.its something you embrace and adore..its not about what you think is proper or beautiful, its about the variety of opinion of what is proper or beautiful..i dont know what im talking about..ignore that if you didnt get my point..afterall people should be comfortable with how they present themselves to the it a neon blue eyeshadow, black lips, thick eyeliner, hot pink lipstick,multi colored hair or whatever it is there must be something you can pair it with to tone down when its too loud and to vamp up when its too bland. and to match every look with occasions cause you dont go to churches looking like Gaga or going to a party looking like a nun..

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Asian Festival of Speed

these pics were taken from the Asian Festival Of Speed (AFOS) which I and my mentor Zurin done the makeup for the AFOS was really, really, really hot and everybody was super exhausted..